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The Books.....

"The Tales of Trymyll"

*A series of books following the lives and adventures of Tom, his brother Jonathan, and foster sister Glynda in the land of Trymyll. *

Book 1. Thomas, Wizard's Son.

Book 2. Jonathan, Dragonmaster.

Book 3. Glynda, Dragon Slayer.

The Tales of Trymyll - Compilation Set. All three books in one cover.

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​ Tom, a gifted boy wizard is the central character. The series plots his adventures in Trymyll with his older brother Jon from his first arrival at the age of thirteen through to him becoming a young adult by the end of the series. ​ The first book takes us to a small Welsh village, where Tom was deserted by his father and brother when he was a baby. He enters a cave and is taken through the to the Land of Trymyll. He doesn’t believe in magic or dragons or that wizards exist. He soon learns a different reality. He meets a magical sixty-foot Purple Dragon who used to be his pet dog, a Jack Russel called Howl. I know, that doesn’t make any sense at all, but it will. In Trymyll, he finds his father and brother. Should he love them, or should he never forgive his Dad for deserting him? The adventures start, magic is disappearing from the Land of Trymyll. Can Tom stop it becoming like our world, a world without magic? An unknown and all-powerful threat called The Master appears. Can they fight this supposedly omnipotent and misanthropic wizard, or will The Master defeat them all?

Following on from book one, Thomas, Wizard's Son, book two follows the continued adventures of the two teenage wizards. In this book, they are joined by Glynda, a fifteen year old orphaned girl from a powerful wizarding family and her protector, Samuel, a tough fighting dwarf. Glynda becomes the keeper of a magical sword that can slice through anything, armour, swords, and rock, even a dragon's scales. They all join to fight against the Master, a perfidious and misanthropic wizard who threatens to lay waste the land of Trymyll. The book has humour, pathos and teenage angst. There is no swearing, innuendos, or suggestive comments, just clean, wholesome, good versus evil storytelling.

Book three, Glynda, Dragon Slayer. In this tale we move on three years, the now young adults are off to university. At the same time the fight continues with The Master, both in Trymyll and in our world. The series concludes witha battle to end all battles in an ancient castle in Transyvania. Will our intrepid heroes win or will The Master rule us all?

All books available on Amazon, links above.

By the same author. Thomas, Wizard’s Son - The Tales of Trymyll Book 1. Jonathan, Dragon Master - The Tales of Trymyll Book 2. Glynda and the Dragon Slayer - The Tales of Trymyll Book 3. Little Book of Pomes.

​ ©Joseph R. Mason 2022

The Poetry.....

A Little Book of Pomes

A selection of my poetry, sonnets, ha'sonnets, haikus and prose may be found at:

A short bio......

I was born Joseph R. Mason in the 1950's and have a birth certificate to prove it. My birth mother died when I was four days old, I was taken in by an aunt and subsequently adopted. At my adoption I was renamed Richard J. Kirk and I have another birth certificate to prove that! I'm sure it's not legal to have two birth certificates with different names on, but I don't think the authorities were so fussy in the old days. I write using my birth name purely because I can, and to honour my birth parents, especially my late father, Joseph Walter Mason (28th January 1908 - 24th March 1985), who obviously missed out on a really great son, and my immediate siblings, Ann, Fred and Helen, who missed out on a superb brother. To give it a happy ending, I am now reunited with my birth siblings.

I am a retired engineer, a member of the leadership team at a large Baptist Church in Eastbourne, East Sussex where I have been a member for over 40 years. I am married (since 1977) have three grown up children and 4½ grandchildren. I write mainly for my own amusement but always in the hope it might also bring pleasure to others. The books are aimed at children and adults of age 10 to 76½ believing that there is always a gap for fast paced and humorous literature for this age group. The chapters are short, to fit in with bedtime reading and attention span!


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